Shrink Wrap & Packaging Supplies

Mr. ShrinkWrap is a worldwide distributor of shrink wrap, plastic film, stretch wrap, packaging supplies & tools. We work with a variety of film manufacturers and ship products daily from our warehouse in Prospect Park, PA.

Shrink Wrap Services

Mr. ShrinkWrap Protective Services, specializes in shrink wrapping your valuable assets for outdoor storage and shipment. Using time tested procedures and an exceptional plastic wrap of extraordinary strength and durability, our technicians provide on-site wrapping services to commercial, industrial and residential customers.

The key to this unique wrapping service is our experience customizing the wrap design specifically for the item dimensions and potential environmental conditions to protect it from. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high quality shrink films provide a remarkable protective cover around an object. The finished product provides a form fitting, impenetrable barrier that resists wind (extremely important during transport), rain and other elements. Because the cover is heat sealed, it affords complete protection even under the most adverse environmental conditions. In addition to providing an excellent protective seal, this unique wrap can be removed in minutes.

Covering the World with Quality Protection

The uses for this remarkable wrapping service reaches many segments of the residential, agricultural industrial and commercial marketplace. From aircraft to automobiles, the uses for our service are endless.

Shrink Wrap Service Applications:

The only limitation is your imagination!

Benefits for Business

Whether you’re a business executive responsible for safeguarding company resources or a homeowner who wants to protect a prized possession, Mr. ShrinkWrap’s unique services can benefit you.

In addition to protecting your business investment during shipment, the Mr. ShrinkWrap process can save you time, money, and man-power. You save these precious resources because your valuable equipment arrives at its destination ready for service. Wasteful and expensive prep time is eliminated because our superior protection preserves that factory fresh condition during transit. Your product and your valuable company image both reach you appreciative customer in outstanding condition.

If you require extended storage, you’ll really appreciate avoiding expensive warehousing costs through the Mr. ShrinkWrap “in-place” storage advantage. Wrapped in our glove-tight cocoon, raw material, finished inventory and idle equipment can be stored up to a year or more in the great outdoors safe from the effects …and defects …of inferior conventional storage. And …by sealing them in our versatile cocooning system, you’ll be able to easily detect, even prevent, costly pilferage of your expensive business assets.

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