Mr. Shrinkwrap Protects Equipment for Transport

Mr. Shrinkwrap Protects Equipment for Transport

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Transporting expensive equipment, like an Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, can be challenging due to the dangers on the road like weather, grime, and dirt.

To protect goods during transport, shrink wrap offers a safe and reliable cover. Recently, we wrapped this Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, when it was being transported from one location to another. This trip could have led to costly damages had the equipment not been protected properly. A look at the machine, pre-wrap:

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With the help of a crane, the structure was extracted from the building where it was installed and placed on a flatbed truck.

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Our team of experts began prepping the structure for its protective wrap by padding sharp protrusions on the top and sides of the structure. Due to the height of the object, a scissor-lift was provided by the contractor, and our service team used safety harnesses while padding the top of the object to ensure safety for our team.  Our MSW service team complies with OSHA regulations and general on-site safety procedures with every install we perform.

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Since the wrap was installed for safe transport of the structure, our 10 Mil Shrink Film was used. 10 Mil Shrink Film is primarily used for heavy duty or industrial applications and is suitable for transporting objects.

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Why to Choose Mr. Shrinkwrap’s Shrink Wrap Services

The key to our wrapping service is in our experience of understanding the protection requirements of our customers and the capabilities and intricacies of installing industrial heat shrink wrap. Once the variables of size, duration, mobility and accessibility are understood, our personnel are able to recommend the proper application method to meet those requirements. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high quality industrial shrink wrap provides a remarkable protective cover around an object.

Get a Quote For Industrial Heat Shrink Wrap Services

Do you have something that needs to be protected for transport or shipment? Getting a quote for commercial shrink wrap services is easy with Mr. Shrinkwrap. Using our online quote form, let us know the dimensions of the object that you would like to wrap and we will quote a price inclusive of any travel expenses to your location. We welcome pictures, drawings, sketches and descriptions of the object that you would like us to quote wrapping. You can also call us with questions anytime at 1-888-366-0617 or chat with us at

About Mr. Shrinkwrap

Mr. Shrinkwrap ( is a global provider of on-site shrink wrap services and distributor of shrink film, heat guns, shrink wrap tape, preservation tape, stretch wrap, self-adhering films, Polyolefin films, Polyolefin Film Equipment, and shrink wrap supplies. Mr. Shrinkwrap provides a variety of commercial, industrial and residential shrink wrap applications.

Since 1991, Mr. Shrinkwrap has evolved from a local boat covering service to a thriving business with international scope. Mr. Shrinkwrap has been asked to provide shrink wrap services for objects ranging from outdoor furniture to nuclear power turbines.

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