Hydropower generator component shrinkwrapped for transport to end-user

GE Energy Services’ Philadelphia office contracted with Mr. Shrinkwrap to prepare for shipping, a 210 kilowatt exciter. The exciter is a component used in the operation of a power station or power system. In this case the exciter is used in a Hydropower generation system and provides electrical current for a larger generator.

Protection from the elements during transport and storage

The exciter is sensitive to corrosion caused by moisture coming into contact with the various metallic parts of the unit. Corrosion to a component such as the exciter puts into jeopardy the operation of the power generation system due to potential failures and increases maintenance and servicing costs. GE Energy Services was concerned with potential damage to the exciter since it was being transported on an open flatbed trailer and may be stored outdoors for a period of time prior to installation. The decision was made to protect the component from the elements with industrial strength shrink wrap. Greg McGann, GE Energy Services Manufacturing Shop Operations Manager said “we just performed a service known as a rewind on the exciter with numerous man hours and expensive copper strands that can be damaged due to inclement weather, so in an effort to prevent the need for thousands of dollars in repairs and provide high customer satisfaction, we called Mr. Shrinkwrap to protect the unit from the elements during transport and possible outdoor storage”.

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