After the Storm – Another Roof Wrap
with Before & After Pictures

A before and after set of pictures from a recent shrink wrapping of a home that was damaged from a fallen tree during a storm.

Mr. Shrinkwrap combines nineteen years of shrink wrapping experience with high strength, industrial grade shrink wrap to cover buildings, houses, boats, equipment and anything else that our customers need covered or protected from weather. Mr. Shrinkwrap is also a leading distributor of shrink film, poly film, heat guns, shrink wrap tape, preservation tape, stretch wrap, self adhering films, and shrink wrap supplies for consumer, commercial, industrial and government use. Please visit our website for more information or call the number below.

Kevin Comerford, Sales & Service
Mr. Shrinkwrap
Local: 610-566-5290
Toll Free: 800-847-5290

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